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Griffin Wedding

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Three Trees Chapel, Littleton, Colorado

Southern Texas Belle meets California Boy.

Three Trees Chapel, Littleton, CO

From The Beginning.....

This day was intimate and special from the very beginning. I had the honor of capturing Kallie and Jacks winter engagement photos so I had already gotten to know both of them pretty well. This couple is one that LOVES to love on each other. Every time I capture them, they aren't so worried about the little things that most of us are when on camera, they are all about just taking that time to love on each other and they have so much fun doing it. These moments before they got to see each other were so special. These beginning moments are full of anticipation and excitement.

Kallie & Jack wrote sweet notes for each other. These moments were precious to capture.

First Touch & Prayer

The Ceremony.....

The best ceremony I have ever witnessed was Kallie & Jacks. Their vows were intimate and emotional. Tears streaming down my face, I captured Kallie and Jack worshipping together and taking communion together. This ceremony was one I will never forget.

Kallie & Jack

This celebration was SO FUN. What do you get when you get a bunch of Texans and Californians all out on the dance floor? You get a dog gon' rad time.

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